• Image of sunny summer farmers market scents!

Oooooooo fill those sun soaked days with some amazingly summery scents!

pineapple sage: it's juicy, fresh and utterly delicious. perfectly paired with a hint a sage, grounding it with an earthy sophistication. perfect to pair with a summer party, a flirty cocktail, and long night under the stars.

rhubarb fig: this farmers market favorite is warm and cozy. the perfect amount of vanilla filled sweetness rounded out with bright rhubarb and tangy fig.

grapefruit: bright happy grapefruit with tiny puffs of orange and lemon to bring out the sweetness in this juicy scent. perfect in your kitchen or burning brightly on your summer picnic table.

orange chili pepper: spicy chili pepper infused with essential oils of crisp golden orange create the craziest scent experience! it's bold and fun and a conversation starter in any arena.

if you're local and you'd like to pick up your farmers market scents this saturday at the haymarket farmers market use the code 'haymarket' and we'll have your bag waiting for you!

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