• Image of the christmas collection
  • Image of the christmas collection

They are here.
Warm, cozy, and perfectly Christmas!!

Crisp evergreen notes with a touch of snowy air. It’s like walking through a Christmas tree farm on a cold December day!

One of our top Christmas candles. It’s classic. Red hot cinnamon, spicy and perfect with lovely notes of warm clove. Both of these oils are pure essential oils which makes this candle strong and lovely. Perfect to pair with an afternoon of wrapping presents and hanging stockings with care.

I love this one. It’s minty but warm with a hint of vanilla to round it out. It reminds me of all the swirly candy canes and warm toasty cozy Christmas memories.

Warm Ginger.
WG evokes the feelings of frosty afternoons sipping fragrant tea in the warmth of the winter sun. This beautiful addition starts with crisp ginger, enhanced by lemon, black currant, and nutmeg moving into a floral jasmine led middle with a touch of sweet amber. It's perfect.

Sparkling Pear.
I always quietly hope a secret admirer will send me a big box of winter pears wrapped in gorgeous gold foil. That moment, the one where you bite into a juicy pear, and it explodes with sticky sweetness and the entire room fills with the scent of bright, crispy green pear. That’s this candle. Unwrap the magic. Gold

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