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9 oz amber jar.
white metal lid.
white X decal.
filled with pure soy goodness.

(select fragrance below)

001: Blood Orange:
This citrus explosion is fresh, juicy and our number one seller. Its top notes are obviously orangey and tangy. With under notes of grapefruit, lemon, sugar and honey. It’s bright, bubbly and fun.

002: Armitage Street:
This earthy vanilla and berry infused combination is romantic and warm. It’s musky and sensual with a crisp undertone of fresh berries. It’s magical and so delicious my customers have demanded a roll on version so they can wear it all day!

004: Rosemary + Mint:
This clean crisp, yoga inspired scent is perfectly calming. Light and refreshing. It’s perfect in a bathroom, a kitchen or anytime you want to pretend you’re lounging at the spa. The mint is beautifully highlighted with a touch of rosemary. It’s hard not to love this classic beauty.

006: Sweet Tobacco:
Another top seller! I have a hard time keeping this one in stock. With top notes of warm vanilla scented tobacco, coriander and a bit of tonka. Under notes of honey blossom and clove. This candle takes you on a memory adventure. Cozy pipes and dimly lit bookstores. Black coffee and warm Sunday afternoons. That’s sweet tobacco.

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