The first candle I ever poured was a Christmas gift for my grandma Ferne when I was 14. We used to shop in this tiny market called the Haymarket in Lincoln Nebraska, long before I ever lived her.  We would purchase handmade votives from a local shop. Then we’d spend the afternoon laughing and drinking tea in a tiny café and tea shop. My grandma loved candles and Christmas. But mostly Christmas. It was her favorite. Her house always smelled a little like cinnamon no matter the month. I lost my sweet little ferne two years ago. And I think in my mourning and loss for her I reached back to my roots and began pouring candles again. Exactly one month after I kissed her goodbye. The first candle I poured was cinnamon. Grandma always encouraged my adventures and nurtured my whimsy. In a way, I think she always will. I began to pour again for friends, family etc. therapeutically really. Then a friend convinced me to trying selling them in a tiny shop that he owned. I was super nervous about it. I made 12 candles, and brought them into the shop. About 5 days later they called, the candles had completely sold out. So I poured 12 more and the rest is history! 

This gorgeous store in my home town called Hutch Modern ( asked me to put my candles in their store. It was my first "big" store. They really walked with me through the process patiently helping me understand the wholesale side. I am forever grateful to them, and just love them to bits! 

I have such a love for beautifully curated stores. I find it's such a fun and wonderful way to collaborate with talented creative business people living out their dreams! 

We are now in over 30+ stores across the country! I work on these gorgeous candles late at night with a whiskey in hand (except right now while I'm sups pregnant). I married my crush quite a few years ago, and together we traveled the world telling documentary stories and filming the most beautiful things. Now that I am a mama (to Navy and Satchel and Oxley on the way!), I still find ways to use my production background telling beautiful visual stories whenever possible, but I find that wax buffalo has opened an entirely new way for me to tell my stories. It's dreamy and magical and this beautiful world I feel lucky to have fallen into. 

Thanks for being a part of this story with us! I love hearing all of your stories as you share with me the memories our candles evoke within you! So many hugs my dears!